Dennis Yin | Tonight - John Legend (feat. Jay Park)

Jay made a dancer friend -Dennis- during the tour in Malaysia

Dennis made this choreography. And Jay mastered this choreography in an hour and a half.

both of them are so talented. 

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Jay’s dance moves in 2008

someone made Jay’s dance into an annimation.

It’s dope.


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Jay park Newbreed live In Seoul 2012 Highlight version.


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[Jay Park] 20120317 Prepixaisa on Ustream_박재범 cut (by rainytreee1)

I can’t dance to save my life but I can recognize talent that I see in Jay. There is something, that extra oomph, the “it” factor, when Jay dances that sets him apart from so many other talented dancers out there. 

I don’t know enough vocabulary in ANY language to describe how I feel when I watch Jay dance. Jay just BECOMES ONE with the music, the flow, the beats, and everything else just disappears and there’s just JAY. Jay Park IS DANCE and he lives it. 

Thx for sharing this !!!

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up&down, star dance practice.

Jay’s know your name dance practice.


Jay Park 10120310 guerilla date

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120219 KBS2안녕하세요 녹화중-아이스크림으로 혀를 식히는 재범

jay ate a extremely hot noodle during the program. 
he’s calming down his tongue with that ice cream.
I envy that Ice cream ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

110822 붐 제대 마중간 재범~ Strawberry Days 

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박재범, 넌 멋지잖아. ( jay, you are cool.)

I was so moved after watching this vid.

bgm’s lyrics are what we want to tell you, jay !

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